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Garden Room Bournemouth: Do you live in Bournemouth and need a garden room? If you want to use your outdoor space all year round, the Garden Room may be the ideal solution for you. The steel frame garden room is a type of room in Bournemouth that can be tailored to your needs as it is made of high quality, different materials. There are no restrictions on how you can transform your space, as they serve a wide variety of purposes. We can make your garden room in the size you want, especially for the person. Moreover, we can make your garden room with a steel frame.

Garden Room Bournemouth

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular as an increasing number of people work from home. Steel Garden Room has the solution whether you need a small office for a single employee or a larger office for a team of workers. Garden Room Bournemouth that are effective, useful, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing are what we create. For a very reasonable price, we can provide you with a beautiful structure that includes insulation, double glazing, electrics, and installation. A steel garden office is the most cost-effective solution for all of your home garden office needs.

garden room bournemouth modular life cabin

Garden Room Bournemouth: Benefits of Steel Garden Rooms

• All frames are made of 60% recycled galvanised steel;

• CAD-designed structures provide strength and durability; and simple and quick installation (Most frames can be erected in under 60 minutes)

• There are no woodworms or infestations to worry about, and 11 sizes are in stock and ready for same-day pickup.

• Bespoke design services are available.

• It is fireproof. There were no trees harmed in the design and creation of your sketch.

Garden Room Bournemouth Sample Project Size

Project Size7*3 =21 m2
Project Size5*3 =15 m2
Project Size3,5*5,5 =19,5 m2
Project Size4*5 =20 m2
Project Size6*3 =18 m2
Project Size7*4 =28 m2
Project Size3*3 =9 m2
Project Size8*3 =24 m2
Project Size7*3 =24 m2 lux

Garden Room Bournemouth Sample Project Video

How can I buy a steel frame garden near Bournemouth?

Modular Life Cabin is very close to Bournemouth. We are fortunate to live near Bournemouth. In Bournemouth, we create a custom steel frame garden. We provide our customers with the most competitive pricing. We have steel frame rooms in a variety of sizes. All of our measurements have been documented with architectural drawings. Customers will be able to preview their garden ahead of time.

Call us right now for more information. It’s as simple as that.

Modular Life Cabin: 07533 877677

Garden Room Bournemouth FAQ

Is it worth getting a garden room?

A garden room can increase the value of your home, whether you plan to sell or not. Furthermore, it is one of the simplest ways to increase the value of your property. A garden room is usually easier to build than an extension, a loft conversion, or knocking down interior walls.

Can you sleep occasionally in a garden room?

Installing a sofa bed in your garden room so that guests can stay on occasion is permissible and does not require planning permission. However, if you intend to sleep in it on a regular basis or build a self-contained accommodation, such as a granny annexe, you must apply for planning permission and follow building regulations.

Can you build a garden room bournemouth without planning permission?

Garden Rooms are typically classified as outbuildings, which means you won’t need to seek planning permission to construct your space. However, this only applies to you if you have permitted development rights at your home or in the neighbourhood where you live.

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