Got Any Extra Garden Rooms In Your Home?

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Although garden rooms are typically associated with the summer, they can also be beneficial in the winter. Over the holiday season, we had a lot to look forward to, including visiting with friends and family, so the shorter days and chilly temperatures can be challenging. However, we can overcome the January blues with a gardening project.

Got Any Extra Garden Rooms In Your Home?

Make a garden bar for yourself, and take pleasure in it for many more winters to come.

A garden isn’t simply for enjoyment in the summer, as we all know and the past few years have demonstrated. A Garden Room is created with the amenities and functions that a winter bar needs and provides space for any special occasion year-round.

All of our Garden Rooms have clever heating systems, double glazing, and excellent insulation, making it simple to stay warm and cosy during the winter. The installation of premium flooring is also standard. The building is sturdy enough to support a bar, a pool table, or any other interior arrangement you choose.

On those chilly nights, you may add decking, canopies, and privacy screens to both of our View and Aspect ranges if you want to set up a more outdoor garden bar, enjoy the outdoors while watching the stars, and sit outside while gazing up at the sky.

The XL big sliding doors and full-length windows in all of our rooms are designed to create the ultimate open, expansive feeling, so whether you choose to keep the doors closed or leave them open to feel a winter breeze, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

We include all the “optional extras” in our exquisitely constructed rooms as standard features, such as flush-fit electrical sockets that are useful when you want to listen to music while you relax into the evening with your friends and family. The Garden rooms are also equipped with exterior lights so you can unwind outside or inside during the night.

Do you need planning permission for a Garden Rooms?

In the UK, you won’t often need planning clearance for garden rooms. Permitted development rights apply to garden shed construction as long as you follow the established regulations. Other garden structures like greenhouses and garages are subject to the same regulations. Whether your shed is an additional feature of your home or whether it won’t be a “living area” with the main property is one of the key considerations in determining whether it is an authorised development. That implies it’s acceptable to have a shed for storage or to house equipment related to a hobby like sports or swimming (if you have a pool).

Modular Life Cabin Garden Rooms Project Size

Project Size7*3 =21 m2
Project Size5*3 =15 m2
Project Size3,5*5,5 =19,5 m2
Project Size4*5 =20 m2
Project Size6*3 =18 m2
Project Size7*4 =28 m2
Project Size3*3 =9 m2
Project Size8*3 =24 m2
Project Size7*3 =24 m2 lux
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Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Rooms

Do you need planning permission for a garden cabin?

In a nutshell, you would typically need to apply for planning permission for cabins that are located within 2 metres of your boundary and have an overall roof height of over 2.5 metres. Having eaves higher than 2.5 metres, an apex roof higher than 4 metres, or any other roof higher than 3 metres, in a front yard.

Can you sleep in steel frame garden rooms?

One of our excellently insulated steel frame garden rooms can accommodate you, and many individuals rent out their garden rooms to visitors.

Does a garden room add value to your house?

In fact, a high-quality garden room may boost your home’s value by 5% to 15%, according to some estimations. A garden room is a wise investment whether your goal is to increase the number of potential purchasers or the value of your house when it comes time to sell.

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