Steel frame garden room is it better than timber framing?

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If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you should think about getting a nice room. As with anything else, do your homework before making a purchase. While conducting your research, the first question that may come to mind is whether you want a wooden garden room or a steel garden room. In this article, we will answer any questions you may have.

steel frame garden room

What is a steel frame garden room?

Timber studwork is commonly used in garden buildings to form a structural load-bearing frame. Instead of timber studs, a steel frame garden room is constructed with light-gauge galvanised steel.
Steel framing has many advantages, such as strength and speed of assembly, but it also has some disadvantages. Continue reading for an unbiased assessment of the benefits and drawbacks.

What are the benefits of a steel frame garden room?

Steel-framing may be a new technique in garden room construction, but it has been a building design staple for decades. We’ve listed a few of the reasons why metal frames are becoming increasingly popular among garden office suppliers.

Steel Garden Room & Timber Garden Room Cost

Like all building materials, the price of steel has increased, but not as much as timber. Timber prices increased even more.
Steel produces less waste as well as saving raw materials. Note that you pay twice for waste: once for unused material and again for the jumper to dispose of it. Please contact us to learn the current prices of steel or timber framing prices.

9m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£17.100 inc VAT
15m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£24.750 inc VAT
18m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£28.800 inc VAT
20m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£30.800 inc VAT
21m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£33.600 inc VAT
24m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£33.600 inc VAT
28m2 Beskope Steel Garden Room£39.200 inc VAT
Steel Garden Room cost date: 19.11.2022

Will a steel frame rust?

Steel does not rot like wood, but it can corrode when exposed to moisture. Builders could use stainless steel instead, which does not rust, but it is frequently prohibitively expensive. Manufacturers instead use galvanised steel. The process of coating steel with a layer of zinc is known as galvanisation. Zinc forms strong bonds with steel, preventing water and oxygen from reaching the underlying metal. While galvanised steel is expected to last for decades in most cases, there are some factors that can accelerate its deterioration, such as excessive humidity – not usually a problem in the UK. High levels of salt in the air in coastal environments. Exposure to strong alkalis, such as plaster or cement.

Speedy steel frame garden room

In general, garden room design systems are quick to install, but steel frameworks are even faster! Because of the lightweight nature of the components, the core framework of a garden room can be completed in a single day.

Steel frame garden room buildings are available from ground screw specialists no digging. They claim to be able to install the foundations and core framework of a garden room in a single day. The structure is then ready to be insulated and the interior and exterior finishes applied.

We only make steel frame garden rooms at Modular Life Cabin. As a result, while our content may be biased, the decisions we make are the result of years of experience.

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