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A steel garden room might be the ideal answer for you if you're seeking for a method to use your outdoor space all year long. Garden rooms are a type of room that may be created with your needs in mind because they are made of premium, distinctive materials. There are no restrictions on how you may convert your space because they have such a diverse variety of functions. Consequently, whether you want a new playroom for the kids or your very own garden hideaway, we can give you a superb product at the best price.

Working From Home is Becoming More And More Popular

Garden Offices are becoming more and more common as a growing percentage of people work from home. Whether you need a small office for a single employee or a larger office for a team of workers, Steel Garden Room has the answer. We create Steel Garden Room that are effective, useful, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. We can offer you a beautiful structure with insulation, double glazing, electrics, and installation for a very reasonable price. The most affordable option for all of your needs for a home garden office is a steel garden office.

Benefits of Steel Garden Rooms

• All frames are composed of 60% recycled galvanised steel;
• CAD design structures provide strength and longevity; and
• Quick and easy installation (Most frames can be erected in under 60 minutes)
• There are no infestations or woodworms to worry about, and there are 11 sizes in stock and available for same-day pickup.
• Bespoke design services are available.
• Fireproof. No trees were harmed in the design and creation of your sketch.

For Steel Garden Faq

Should I build with a steel frame?

When a building has a steel frame, the main structure is protected even if termites attack other parts of the house. When using timber frames, a termite attack could harm the frame, but the damage wouldn't be apparent until it was too late.

What are the rules on building a garden room?

Garden Rooms must be single-story structures with a maximum overall height of 4 metres with a dual-pitched roof and a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres, or 3 metres in all other circumstances. The entire structure must be less than 2.5 metres high if the Garden Room is located less than 2 metres from the property line.

Modular Life Cabin Garden Rooms Project Size

Project Size 7*3 =21 m2
Project Size 5*3 =15 m2
Project Size 3,5*5,5 =19,5 m2
Project Size 4*5 =20 m2
Project Size 6*3 =18 m2
Project Size 7*4 =28 m2
Project Size 3*3 =9 m2
Project Size 8*3 =24 m2
Project Size 7*3 =24 m2 lux

7*3 =21 m2 Steel Garden Room

5*3 =15 m2 Steel Garden Room

3,5*5,5 =19,5 m2 Steel Garden Room

4*5 =20 m2 Steel Garden Room

6*3 =18 m2 Steel Garden Room

7*4 =28 m2 Steel Garden Room

3*3 =9 m2 Steel Garden Room

8*3 =24 m2 Steel Garden Room

7*3 =24 m2 Lux Steel Garden Room

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