There is a reason why the first use of steel in building frameworks was for skyscrapers in 1883, and to do this day that has not changed! Steel framed garden rooms will also not crack, warp, twist, rot, split or settle.

Currently, steel compromises around 75% of all major appliances, and for good reason too! One of the biggest benefits of using steel is the low carbon footprint it produces.

The recycling of steel in the UK saves enough energy to power around 18 million houses for an entire year, and surprisingly, is recycled more than any other product, including paper, plastic and glass. One of the main reasons that steel is so widely recycled is because it can be repeatedly recycled without any loss of strength.

Steel VS Timber

  • Steel is one of the strongest materials used in the industry and is much stronger than timber
  • Steel will not burn in a fire like a timber framed building will
  • Steel does not rot or allow moisture to sink in, so you won’t have any unexpected guests!
  • Our system allows us to install better insulation, meaning we can fully soundproof your rooms.
  • Light gauge construction steel
  • Highest weight resistance ratio
  • Accuracy to within 0.5mm
  • A more sustainable method for garden buildings
  • Nothing to rot or encumber any infestation of woodworm
  • All frames are made from galvanised steel
  • Significant time saving on-site with steel being delivered to size

Green credentials

  • Steel & glass are the most recyclable products in the world
  • The MODULAR LIFE CABIN & TINY (MOBILE) HOUSE footings are made from recycled materials and we use these on all projects– instead of concrete which holds the least
  • Recyclable properties.
  • Our EPDM roof materials are endorsed by Green Peace
  • All of our rooms are made from 60% recycled steel
  • All of our steel materials are fully recyclable
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